Patricia's & Michael's G World Tour

The G World Tour

Hello everyone 

We are Patricia & Michael, at the end of our professional careers and in full questioning of the objectives of our lives in all their aspects. 

We are lucky to have a good physical shape, and instead of spending our retirement by the pool and doing nothing, we prefer to discover the world, develop a travel concept for all people wishing to discover the regions that we are going through. 

As far as possible, we will participate in the life of the peoples we discover and provide assistance within the limits of our possibilities. 

As time passes, our destiny is to reach retirees in their golden age. 
That's why we use the G for Golden. 

But we also want to do a Global tour of our planet, a Giro World Tour!
And since we also want to spend Great moments, we had to do it with class,
and only a G class could meet the specifications. 
                             â€Š. So you know why it's THE G WORLD TOUR
Mercedes G class 
Patricia told me with a lot of humor, that a Great world tour could only be done with class!
I replied her with the same humor that only Mercedes had a class G... and so... we ordered this Great G class.
It was a spontaneous choice and not too well thought out. It's not easy every day, I'll let you read the blogs under the Mercedes G section, but this vehicle has always been faithful to us and has driven us further. It is probably one of the best 4x4 in the world in its category, extremely comfortable, solid and goes everywhere. 

I naively believed that this "cube" was not known in Africa, but I was very wrong. Practically at each stop, there are men and women who come to talk to us and have a nice chat with us. It's very nice, this vehicle opens up unexpected new opportunities for discovery. We have always been the object of admiration and kindness on the part of everyone, with the car fans, politicians, police and customs officers and of course with businessmen interested in this vehicle. Many people have asked us to follow us on the web, and it is for them that we have created the Mercedes G class section. Hoping that this can make you dream,  and we wish you good reading                                       Sincerely Michael
March 2022 Algeria 

Patricia & Michael

Patricia has been my beautiful wife for a while now. We met in Florida where she resided, and she speaks  Spanish, English and French better every day. She studied journalism in Lima (Peru), lived in Argentina, Hawaii, Huston, Florida. She controls our Instagram account.

Me, Michael, I am "only" a Swiss guy, and I have never lived anywhere other than near Lausanne (Lake Geneva). I was a Swiss military helicopter reserve pilot until the age of 50 and as my main activity I created an IT company. I speak French, German, Swiss German, English and a little Spanish..

We think that life is too short to work until to be retired... so we quit our jobs early in our lives to discover the world. Originally we planed to go for humanitarian works / activity, but unfortunately  COVID came... and all our projects had to be changed.
But we are still working on.

So, we are the best team ever.             Michael 


I m over 60 years old, so for me  all this social networking and website isn't necessary, it's just because so many persons wanted to follow us, we decided to please our friends and family.

So all what is published here, is a private opinion and just for fun.
As my mother tongue is not English, if you think I need to make some linguistic corrections, I would be happy to do them...   

😁So my kids can't criticize me anymore that I have no social networks ability Michael