Mercedes G class

Mercedes G class
We drive the world with a Mercedes G 400 D special edition "Stronger than time" build 2020 

We chose the Diesel version because all the other versions consume so much gasoline that we would need a tanker trailer to reach our distant destinations, planned in Africa or Australia. (more information on technical changes) 
As a joke and souvenir, our Mercedes dealer in Lausanne didn't want to give us a delivery gift, so I stole a couple demo furniture from the shop there. I did it in front of them, they were laughing thinking I would never do that! 

Of course I did it  :-)   and  I never got a invoice !

So after our test ride with the Mercedes G in Algeria, we created and gave them a gift book with beautiful pictures of this trip, and of course... a picture of their missed chairs... so everyone is happy and no regrets.