Camping Gear and Setup

Roof tent and extras
We had a ground tent for our Algerian experience. 
The living space and comfort was absolutely fantastic. On the other hand, the installation time and putting everything back on the car represents at least an hour and a half up to two hours a day. 

So we chose to change to an Ikamper 3.0 mini roof tent. It makes our life much easier. The disadvantages are the added weight on the roof, and the annoyance to close the tent in the morning. 

 We have also added an AluCab shower/toilet cubicle.
The G wagon is a short wheelbase, so very complicated for storage space. To compare with a Toyota Land Cruiser, the G is about 70 cm shorter. 

We therefore hard to find space, and we were inspired by the new Land Rover Discovery with its side boxes. 
We found (real?) copies on AliExpress, and added them on both sides.    
Of course with a Mercedes logo, it looks Great... no?

 We've removed the rear seats to save weight and space. The footwell is now used with a special homemade 80 liter PVC water tank. A yachting water pump is installed in place of the bottle jack. 
You just have to open the tap, and everything works automatically. 

The small spare 5 liter tank on the rear ladder is our supply of unleaded fuel for the stove. Around the world seems complicated with a gas bottle, and the plumbing is different everywhere. 
So we cook on a Colman dual-fuel stove. 
It can therefore be filled easily everywhere.

Little game

We fixed all of our kitchen silverware on the back door. We cut a wooden board on the window and clip it. 

So take a good look, on the first photo a very important man's tool is missing... what is it?
Patricia wished I forgot it ...

Final look

We added a AluCab 270 awning on the right side of the G. 

We can add side walls to create, in windy or cold region, a nice living space.