Technical modifications
The car was a standard delivery with 20" rims. you may see some pictures with the original rims. (col du Sommeiller)

But to match our travel plans around the world, we had to adapt before our trip to some isues. (all links available on the pictures)

 Changing rims 
 Yes the car looks great with 20-22" rims, but, but!! 
 NO SIDE WALLS... so we changed to 18" rims from Delta4x4. 
 It is impossible, when deflating the tires, to drive on sand or rocks with narrow sidewalls. We (finally) put on 285/65 R18 BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. 

Spare tire carrier to be reinforced, and add a REAL full size spare tire.  The original spare tire is a reduced 225/45R20.
 The aluminum rear door wouldn't survive the load on corrugated roads.
basic modifications

below and over the car

Below the car
    We added chrome steel plates, very heavy duty, to protect from the gravel or for rock hits
    We added also an ARB twin compressor mounted on those plates. The two air intakes where
    "driven" up  under the engine hood.

Mounting a roof rack, with wind deflector and ladder. We had to lift in the rear with 3cm rubbers, to adapt a FrontRunner camping table between the roof and roof rack.

Some personal considerations:
All this is good and nice. It's necessary for sure ! ..... but :
Each little kilo over weight brings the performance down.
And all what is installed is really good equipment, but will have crazy consequences on the car survie.
You will see a little later below.

General  considerations
This car is mechanically a very good car. I watched a lot of videos on YouTube, and I can consider the G wagon to be a very valuable car, maybe even more profitable than many others. 

 Yes, it is an expensive car! BUT when you look and consider what all Toyota owners (e.g. sorry to use that brand, I own a land cruiser too) have to add to not even hit their minimum targets to be happy with their cars, the  G wagon has everything basically included. (I'm willing to talk about this topic later, or email me please.) 

 OK 1 point for the G, BUT again, due to the price the car is a "niche" and will be used by wealthy people who will never use the G wagon for what it was built or designed for. The consequences are that a limited number of companies will invest in developing or adding accessories. 
 So -1 point for the G... we are tied with the other competitors 
Second diesel tank
The car got as standard 100lt diesel tank

The new delivered car was using 10-11 lt/100 km
at a speed 110-120 km/h
after changing the springs + 2"  (+50mm) the car was already using 11-12 lt/100 km

Changing the tires from Copper 275/65   to BFG 285/65 
we  climb at 12-14 lt/100 km

We loaded the car very heavily, (over GWM) and we are driving around 15-16 lt/100km.

Gravel roads --->>  17-18 lt/100km
Sand dunes   --->>  20-23 lt/100 km

So to reach the 1000 Km range, we needed a second diesel tank on the rear.
My son Simon (good engineer)  build a +90lt tank for us.

Thank you son !!
Paint protection
The car will drive through bushes, on gravel tracks, through sandstorms and many other wild things. 

 We therefore added a transparent plastic film all around, this is called a "covering". The G wagon keeps the same color, and when we get home that film can be removed and the car is back to its original delivery condition. 

 In doing so, we also added our logo on all four sides.
To switch all our equipment, we need a switching device. As we are very satisfied with the size, aesthetics and functionality, we are sharing this product, because it took us a while to find it. (we are not sponsored and have no connection with them)  (click on the pics to link)

Exterior equipment
LeTech is our main partner for all exterior accessories. 

Very good and heavy quality equipment. They build specific equipment for Brabus, and
portal axels for the G 4x4 square root too.

(we are not sponsored and have no connection with them)   (click on the pics to link)